Award and Honors

Prof. John Drew
Committee Chairman
Institute of Medical Physics,
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006, Australia

Telephone: +61-2-9899-5631
E-mail :

Committee Members

Kanchan Adhikari, Nepal
James Lee, Singapore
Shinichi Wada, Japan

Committee Roles

  • To promote activities related to education and training of AFOMP medical physics by promoting the education, training and professional development of medical physicists
  • To develop AFOMP policy statement on education and training of medical physics in AFOMP countries to promote and advance the practice of medical physics with the highest quality of medical services for patients care
  • To support and collaborate with the education and training committees of Regional Chapters on matters relating to education and training, including development of training materials and training methodology
  • To organize workshops and seminars in conjunction with related international conference meetings
  • To promote and assist international education and training initiatives
  • To study ETC activities of other organizations to adapt to AFOMP societies for promoting high quality educational programs at the graduate and postgraduate levels as well as residency programs in medical physics

Committee Accomplishments

  • Symposium on Medical Physics Education and Training in WC2003 in Sydney in 2003, August
  • Symposium on Accreditation Standard of Medical Physics in 4th AOCMP in Kuala Lumpur in 2004.September
  • Cooperation with IAEA RCA project on strengthening medical physics in Asia Pacific region