Corporate Members

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AFOMP Corporate member Benefits

There are various levels of membership available to suit your marketing strategies. This corporate package has clear benefits for marketing opportunities in our region. This region has enormous growth potential, and I invite you to help realize this potential in partnership with us. AFOMP is also developing equipment and medical physics profiles in its developing countries, which will indicate equipment status and market opportunities.

Sponsorship Level Gold(US$ 3,000) Silver (US$ 1,500) Bronze (US$ 500)
Link to your company on our web site
Free half page advertising in e-newsletters and web site.
Support for training courses
Discount rate for annual conference exhibition
Free delivery of advertising material on missions to
AFOMP countries
Free introductions to key purchasing personnel in
AFOMP countries
Developing country equipment profiles

AFOMP Corporate member application

Fill out the application completely and submit to funding committee chair.