Funding Committee

Dr. Youngyih Han
Committee Chairman
Department of Radiation Oncology
Samsung Medical Center,
Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea

Telephone: +82-2-3410-2604
Fax: +82-2-3410-2619
E-mail :

Committee Members

Anchali Krisanachinda (Thailand)
Agnette. P. Peralta (Philippines)
Yi Min Hu (P R China)
Howell Round (New Zealand)
S K Koul (India)
Hajime Monzen (Japan)

Committee Roles

  1. To recruit Corporate Members from industry for the purpose of providing funds to assist AFOMP activities.
  2. To get grants from international organizations such as IOMP for AFOMP in its primary role of training and promotion of medical physics.
  3. For the purpose of successful recruiting and getting grants mentioned above item 1 and 2 respectively, business plan of AFOMP activity should be presented to industries and international organization with close cooperation with other AFOMP Committees such as ETC, PDC and SC