Professional Relations Committee (PRC)

Dr. Chai Hong Yeong Committee Chairman
Assoc Prof Dr. Chai Hong Yeong
Current Members

Prof Dr Kwan Hoong Ng (Malaysia)
Prof Dr Anchali Krishanachinda (Thailand)

New Members

Dr. Kitiwat Khamwan (Thailand)
Dr. Supriyanto Ardjo Pawiro (Indonesia)
Dr. Jia-Cheng Lee (Taiwan)
Dr. Yuchuan Fu (China)
Dr. Mary Joan (India)
Dr. Brad Cassls (Australia)

Terms of Reference

  • To promote and support international cooperation on continued improvement on medical physics professions in the Asia-Oceania region.
  • To advice on and promote the standards of practice in medical physics and professional conduct.
  • To identify the needs for professional relations and professional standards development through symposia, conferences, regional meetings, workshops, etc. and assist with the organization of these activities.
  • To assist regional or national medical physics organizations to prepare AFOMP sponsorship proposals for professional relations meetings.
  • To consider applications from national and regional organizations for sponsoring or endorsing meetings.
  • To manage the AFOMP travel support programs.
  • To prepare or provide support to develop where appropriate, policy statements, professional recommendations, codes of professional practice, and to establish or help to establish expert groups to address specific national, regional, or worldwide professional issues when needed.