Science Committee

Prof. Tomas Kron, Australia
Committee Chairman
Director of Physical Sciences
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne, Australia
Committee Members

1. Prof. (Dr.) Arun Chougule (India),
2. Dr. Shinji Kanamura (Japan),
3. Mr.Suresh Poudel, (Nepal),
4. Dr. J.Jeyasugiththan, (Srilanka),
5. Mr Akhtaruzzaman (Bangladesh),
6. Mr.Ung Ngie Min (Malaysia),
7. Mr.Freddy Haryanto (Indonesia),

Objectives and tasks of Scientific Committee of AFOMP
The committee will aim to fulfil its mission by:

  • Provide advice to AFOMP executive on scientific matters.
  • Support scientific endeavours in medical physics in member countries if possible.
  • Supporting AOCMP organisers through assistance in selecting the theme of the conference, providing help with suggestion of invited speakers, assisting with the review of abstracts and having input into the scientific program design.
  • Contribute to AFOMP newsletters as appropriate taking publication time into consideration. The chair will call for submissions/articles following advice from the AFOMP newsletter editor.
  • Support other AFOMP committees in the development of position papers.
  • Contribute to review of contents of AFOMP associated journals and promote important material.
  • Support scientific work of IOMP as appropriate.
  • Liaise with other IOMP regional organisations as opportune.
  • Provide support for tertiary education providers in AFOMP member countries in regards to medical physics courses.
  • Assist with review of grants and publications relevant for AFOMP as appropriate.