Science Committee

Dr. Arun Chougule, India
Committee Chairman
Senior Professor & Head, Department of Radiological Physics
SMS Medical College & Hospital
Dean, Faculty of Paramedical Sciences, Rajasthan University of Health Sciences [RUHS] and Member, Board of Management [RUHS], Academic Council, Chairman Unfair meansCommittee
Jaipur – 302004, INDIA
Vice President AFOMP
Past president AMPI
Editor , AFOMP Newsletter
Phone : + 91-141-2700357
Mobile- 9928140113
Committee Members

Dr. Eva Bezak, Australia
Dr. Lalit Mohan Aggarwal, India
Dr. Shinji Kanamura, Japan
Dr. Zhihui Hu, China
Dr. Hasin Anupama Azhari, Bangladesh
Dr. Challapalli Srinivas, India
Dr. Hajime Monzen, Japan

Objectives and tasks of Scientific Committee of AFOMP

To explore and identify the need for international scientific symposia, research meetings, regional meetings and/or research workshops and assist the individual medical physics organizations with effective preparation and management of these activities in AFOMP member countries.

Enhance the cooperation of member state medical physics organizations in exchanging the information about scientific activities planned in their respective countries and putting this information in the AFOMP calendar of scientific activities.

Promote co-operation and communication with other medical physics organizations outside Asia to support the quality of patient care through research, education and training.

Organize and/or sponsor regional and international conferences in the AFOMP region.

Encourage research, education and training in medical physics in order to maintain quality of medical physics and patient care in the AFOMP region.

Promote exchange of knowledge and research to:

  1. upgrade skills of medical physicists to enhance application of physics principles in medicine
  2. explore frontier areas in physics and biology and their potential impact on medicine
  3. emphasize research within academic physics
  4. promote international cooperation

Promote international cooperation in addressing the science needs in medical physics, including participation in the scientific programs of other organizations.

Encourage medical physicists to share information about their research, publications so that the AFOMP members can get to know and benefit from each other.

Explore possibilities of exchange programmes for young medical physicists to increase their knowledge and skills.